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To support our project of interfaith outreach

through music, donate here. 

Write "Salaam-Shalom" in the special instructions. 

©2019 by The Salaam-Shalom Music Project. 

We received a grant to provide

interfaith music programs in 2020.


"Music is the language of the soul;

and for two people of different nations or races to unite,

there is no better means than music."

-Hazarat Inayat Khan

Photo by David Sutton

“The band was simply amazing. Giving our students the opportunity to witness such a culturally diverse group of artists is a priceless experience. Their blend of ethnicities and spiritual backgrounds, mixed with the high caliber of their talent, was truly an amazing evening.”

-Matthew Charnay, Jewish/Interfaith Life Coordinator, DePaul University, Chicago

“This professional ensemble of Arabic and Jewish musicians exemplifies and promotes peaceful collaboration. Perhaps more important than what the Salaam-Shalom Music Project does is the quality and spirit with which they do it.”

-David Beach, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Photo by David Sutton


Photo by David Sutton

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