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Lori (Jewish, USA)

“As folk musicians, we teach, perform, and carry on the music of our individual cultures. Listening, learning, respecting, finding common ground--this is what it is to be a musician, but it is also how to engage with people of other faiths and cultures in a harmonious way.”


Dahlia (Muslim, Egypt)

“For me, this group is the meaning of unity: a mix of people that wouldn't have otherwise met or known each other, but are brought together to make beautiful music that represents each of our heritages. Together, we celebrate the things that bring us together and forget about the things that separate us. We are bandmates, but even more so, we are friends that have fun while making music to share with our audience.”


Amro (Muslim, Egypt)

“Salaam-Shalom for me is not a band, but a meeting with great friends. I feel the love from all of them.  It's also a place that we don't discuss our differences, but we agree to accept each other and try to get the best from each one of us. I feel they are so close to my heart and that they are family for me. These words I didn't write--they just came out of my heart.”


Kim (Christian, USA)

“It's easy to end up in a cultural bubble without even realizing it—where our jobs, our friends, our neighborhood, our places of worship all mimic our own values and experiences. This band is a place where many cultures and life experiences and stages of life are all mixing together, and we can learn from one another in an environment that is filled with the joy of making music together.  Western classical music is my native musical language—but for me, ALL other styles of music are fascinating to learn, and I am so honored to be a part of this project.”


Alex (Jewish, USSR)

“Music heals our souls and unites us.  We are ‘music without borders.’ Somerset Maugham once said that, ‘Art, if it is to be reckoned as one of the great values of life, must teach man humility, tolerance, wisdom and magnanimity. The value of art is not beauty, but right action.’  He also wrote that ‘The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.’ I think that describes the music that we make together.”

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